How I Became An Education Geek

My name is Ray Holt. This is a quick version of a lifetime of engineering and a major readjustment in the last three years.  I am currently enrolled as a graduate student in the Master of Arts in Curriculum and Instruction at the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss).  I am a Graduate Fellow with the Center for Mathematics and Science Education. My plans are to graduate in the summer of 2013.  After that I am thinking of continuing to pursue a PhD in Education.  In the meantime …. well, let’s start back a little.

I currently have two degrees; BS Electronics Engineering and MS Computer Science. These were over 30 years ago (or more).  So why am I still a student?

I thought I was a retired computer designer.  As my career changed from computer designing, to computer retail and installation, to Internet e-commerce and marketing I was about to enjoy a planned slowdown in my life.  I did all I could to reduce expenses and to build some business income via the Internet. This was the plan to live economically off of several income sources.  So I thought …

Things quickly changed when the housing market crashed taking all of my backup funds and then more. I had to make some quick adjustments.  A friend suggested I buy a motorhome and do some traveling.  This was a great idea and would allow me to live somewhat inexpensively, earn from the Internet and enjoy what some call retirement. I love traveling so this became my new plan.

Somewhere along the way Dolphus Weary, a friend from Mississippi, called and suggested I come to Mississippi for a few weeks and see if I can be of any help with the many ministries his foundation supports. Mississippi was always a place to visit and leave so it didn’t bother me to come again and try to help.  I did and …

Two weeks turned into three years now and I am deeply involved in teaching rural students mathematics, robotics and engineering in an enhanced program at Mount Olive Ministries. 55 students and three state level qualifying teams later I met up with Dr John O’Haver from Old Miss and all of a sudden I was a student again.  Well, not too all of a sudden as I had to pass some state level tests and write an essay. Both of which were challenging for someone being away from academia for such a long time.

My current goal is to acquire a state teaching certificate so I can make a difference in the public school system.  Depending on how this happens I might start a new school that is based on what is called S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).  I don’t know what form this will take but it just might be possible.

In the meantime, being a student is a full-time job.  This website is a collection of my educational thoughts, links, resources and tools that I will be referring to as I pursue this new adventure.

If you wish to communicate with me please use the form below.  Thank you for your interest in this website and my adventures.

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