Cultural Experience

Southern Mississippi High School (Sept 2012)

Ray & Matt at Friday Night Football Game (Sept 2012)

This is a very small town of about 800 in southern Mississippi. High School football is the only regular activity in the city. Three out of the last 5 years the school has won the State Championship.  The most famous football player to come from this high school is Steve McNair (see below).  This football field is the social center for all people in the city and surrounding communities.  It is as if everyone is looking for another Steve McNair.

Many of the students in my Saturday program saw us and stopped to talk.  We learned about families, interests, met parents, and saw who was hanging out with who.  All the students were eager to talk to us about class in the morning.  Two girl students played the trumpet and saxophone in the marching band.  Two were also cheerleaders.

One students wanted to come at 6:30 am.  As it turned out one family did call later and asked if they could drop their two students off at 6:30am as they had to go to Memphis for the weekend. Matt and I took the two students to breakfast.  Spending time with students outside of class allows you to interact with them in a casual manner, ask questions about their friends and, in some cases, to meet their siblings, parents, and relatives for the first time.

[Steve McNair – McNair was born in this city and attended this High School as a freshman in the fall of 1987, where he played football, baseball, and basketball in addition to running track. As a junior, McNair led his team to the state championship. McNair also played free safety in high school, and in 1990 alone, he intercepted fifteen passes, raising his career total to 30. An All-State selection, McNair was named an All-American by Super Prep magazine. ]